Robert Marc, Eyewear, Glasses, New Arrivals

Robert Marc

New Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

March 30, 2018



Throughout history, an island in the Bay of Naples has captured the imaginations of artists, poets, and high society alike. This tempting locale is Capri, a Mediterranean paradise like no other. From Roman opulence and Greek literature to classic Hollywood and high fashion, Capri transforms the best elements of the new and old worlds to create the most glamorous Italian getaway.

“I fell in love with Capri instantly – a chic Italian resort far removed from the world. Capri is insanely beautiful with dramatic views of high cliffs against intense blue water. This collection is inspired by the vibrant colors and aromas of Capri as well as the resort’s casual elegant lifestyle,” says Robert Marc. “I love that nothing changes in Capri, no one is in a rush to be anywhere, the day eases into night, and everything is as it should be.”

The Spring/Summer 2018 Collection embraces Capri’s natural vistas and unparalleled social scene. An emphasis on mixed materials permeates the collection, finding a home in metal and acetate frames and new twists on lens colors and finishes.

Women’s styles are like Capri: effortless, chic, magic. Women's colors include: Black Linen, Blue Grotto, Bella Rose, Terrazzo and Capri Tortoise.

Men’s styles convey the timeless sophistication of island society. Men's colors include: Vintage Crystal, Mahogany, Blue Bay, Grey Cliffs and Vintage Pink Crystal.