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Robert Marc

2018 Resort Collection

January 9, 2018



What is striking about Brazil is that the spectacular physical charm and beauty of the landscape is diminished only by the spirit and soul of its citizens. They are generous, creative, elegant, open-minded people who are in perpetual motion and embrace the artistic and cultural worlds.

“It’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by the beauty of Brazil, a tropical forest, surrounded by mountains with white sandy beaches that rival any” says Robert Marc. “Brilliant, sexy, rich, alluring and passionate come to my mind with the 2018 Resort Collection, not unlike Brazil itself.”

The Resort Collection is bright, lively and reflective of Brazil’s chic and relaxed attitude towards pleasure. An enticing departure, or mini-vacation, from life’s important, less colorful duties, the collection savors, admires and uncovers delightfully new territories.

The 2018 Resort Collection features 3 Women’s and 2 Men’s sun styles. In opposition to stark modernism, women’s styles are organic, lyrical and glamorous, romanticized in a new custom acetate material that is vibrant in depth and light. Women’s Resort colors are: Rainforest, Amber Moon, Copacabana, Carnival and Pink Samba.

Like the men of Brazil who favor open schedules over timetables, smiles over formality and humor over complaints, men’s styles are casual yet elegant. The suave, great-looking sunglasses feature brilliant gradient-mirrored lenses and are available in 3 colors: Café, Rum and Quartz.